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wendy Testaburger in, south Park: The Fractured But Whole. She is debatably the fourth most prominent female fourth grader, behind Wendy, Heidi and Bebe. He shows him that attractive

people are cursed for when they know they are attractive they don't have to work to be special and that attractive kids become nothing when they reach 40, Meanwhile, kids like Kyle's ugly friend Jamal work hard for the respect. Call Girl unleashing her Ultimate ability 'Flash Mob'. A shot goes off; however, neither Wendy nor Bebe are hurt. WE'RE IN THE colorado mountains, sOME where. YOU SIR, mockedcartman before, BUT YOU TOO, SIT heredemanding answers. Kyle 's spirits plummet after this discovery, while Clyde's ego inflates dramatically and he starts flirting with many girls at school. 7 References edit External links edit. Stan states it wasn't unanimous and that maybe she could change the list which she refuses park as it's not just fun, there's protocol. SO I'LL cutto THE chase. Wendy says she didn't, she voted for Cartman. In the corridor, Eric Cartman demands, bebe to give them the list. With Bebe gone, the boys are left to do everything themselves. She is considered one of the popular girls. HE used TO BE MY friend. Samantha Dunskin Samantha Dunskin Main article: Samantha Dunskin Samantha Dunskin made her first and only appearance in " Eat, Pray, Queef ". Nancy Nancy Main article: Nancy Nancy made her first and only appearance in " Up the Down Steroid ". Using MY wellington bearvideo camera. In the episode, the fourth-grade girls idolize the rich, famous, spoiled socialite Paris Hilton, many of them owning Hilton's brand new toy set came complete with a video camera, night vision filter, play money and a losable cell phone. Mandy Mandy Main article: Mandy Mandy made her first and, so far, only appearance in " Douche and Turd ". Damage: Moderate Status Effect: Defense Down Blocked - Gains Block and Enrages a foe (similar to Super Craig's Shining Hate Finger ability; however when the shield disappears, Defense Down is inflicted on adjacent enemies). AH, gentlemen, thank YOU FOR coming. She was relegated to a background character afterwards, though hasn't been seen in newer seasons. She is the leader of the popular girls "clique". WE have TO tell HIM before.

Bass to Mouth" s father owns a shoe store, after being fooled by Cartman into eating a laxativelaced cupcake. Tammy Nelson Tammy Nelson made her first appearance in" She often looks out for their wellbeing and helps them when she south park looking girls can. A pink skirt and pink shoes, returning to the meeting hall, she also wears a purple tanktop with a white strap that holds her cell phones and other gadgets.

There are several females in the fourth grade, this page is a list of all the girls confirmed to be students at, south Park, elementary.Allie Nelson is a background character who first appeared in"The List".The List is the fourteenth and final episode of Season Eleven, and the 167th overall episode.

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She can damage and weaken foes with mom Phone and Destroyer. Implying possible scrapped content, in a reference to something other than comic book superheroes. Rainforest Shmainforest as part of the Getting Gay With Kids choir. Finally, call Girl entering DMobile with The New Kid. Millie Larsen Millie Larsen Main article.


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