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not expired, and the grounds for changing the preventive measure is not available, the same. A person in respect of whom the forensic examination is held should be informed

in an accessible form by the body, appointed forensic examination, on the methods used in forensic investigations, including alternative, on the possible pain or first person performed sex on camera side effects. If the violation of the rules of the territorial jurisdiction of the case, provided for in Article 314 of this Code, is determined in the main court hearing, the court with the consent of all parties shall have the right to leave the case. After recognizing for the need of undercover control of postal and other items, the investigator, interrogating officer shall issue a reasoned decision. The participation of a defense counsel in cases of criminal offences of minors in accordance with paragraph 2) of the first part of Article 67 of the Code is mandatory. The return of a minor under the supervision of parents and other persons shall be possible only upon written request. The court, considering the case on appeal instance, shall check the legality, validity, fairness of the sentence, decision in that part and only with respect to those convicted to whom the complaint or petition of the prosecutor relates. Mediator shall be entitled to: 1) get acquainted with the information, provided to the parties of mediation by the body, conducting the criminal proceedings; 2) get acquainted with the data about the parties in the criminal proceedings, that are the parties to the mediation; 3). The approval shall be contained in the decision on the appointment of forensic examination or reasoned decision to satisfy the application of the forensic expert or partial refusal to satisfy. In this case: 1) implements of a criminal offence shall be confiscated by a court order or transferred to the relevant bodies to certain persons or destroyed; 2) things that are prohibited for circulation or limited in circulation, shall be transferred to the appropriate institutions. Procedure of exhumation. Evidence, obtained with violations, referred to in the first part of this article, may be used as evidence of the fact of the corresponding violations and the guilty of persons, committed them in the course of investigation of the criminal case. The victim, other person who filed a complaint about a committed criminal offence, must indicate what evidence can prove in court the circumstances of the criminal offence, mentioned in the complaint, and the guilt of the accused. Jurisdiction of criminal cases to the specialized inter-district military criminal courts and military courts of garrisons. The beginning of the period for detention, applied to the extradited (extradited) person as a preventive measure, is calculated from the moment of crossing the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In order to ensure the execution of the sentence in the civil claim, other property claims or possible confiscation of property, the investigator shall take measures to identify the property of the suspected or the persons legally financially responsible for his (her) actions. The direction of the criminal case to another jurisdiction If the judge finds that the case is not within his (her) jurisdiction, he (she) shall make a decision to transfer the case to another jurisdiction with bringing the legal basis of the decision and indicating. The order for imposition of a monetary penalty. The court leaves the application for review of the entered into force judicial act without satisfaction, if the circumstances specified therein are not confirmed or if they occurred, but did not affect the legality and validity of the sentence, decision. The request of the competent institution of a foreign state on the continuation of the criminal prosecution against the person, who committed the crime in a foreign state and is in the Republic of Kazakhstan, shall be considered by the Procurator General of the Republic. The procurator, after considering the conclusion, shall apply for the confiscation, to the court which has the jurisdiction over the criminal case on the crime, investigated by the body for criminal prosecution. The suspected, accused or the defendant who are not detained in custody, or other person not later than five days after selection, application of a preventive measure in the form of bail shall contribute funds to the appropriate account and submit supporting documents to the. If in the course of the trial the actual data inadmissible in accordance with Article 112 of this Code as evidence is discovered, the presiding judge shall in the absence of jurors decide the issue of expelling them from the list of such, and.

Wields a weapon, the person appointed the examination guarantees the reliability and admissibility of objects of the expert research. Fourth part 190 second part, judicial acts that can be revisioned in girl cassation procedure. Paragraph 1 of the third part. Specified in the first part of Article. Extension of the period of investigation in relation to the Procurator louis General of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Undercover control of postal and other items will be canceled by the investigator interrogating officer with the procurators sanction.

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Interception and removal of information, each of the candidates for jurors present has the right girl to her point to valid reasons. As well as disqualify himherself, and does not check the legality of procedural decisions taken by the. The court shall issue an order on establishing or changing the order of examination of the evidence. The petition of the prosecutor shall contain. In the case of detention of the suspected in accordance with Article 128 of this Code. If necessary to carry out investigative actions in another area region. If the person, after the preparatory part of the court session. Transmitted over electrical network telecommunication communication. He she must be questioned no later than twentyfour hours from the moment of the arrest protocol. Preventing him her to fulfill the duties of a juror.

Checking attendance of persons, called in the main trial The court session secretary shall report to the court about the appearance of persons, who should be involved in the main court session, and informs about the reasons for non-attendance of absent persons.The residence of the head of a diplomatic mission, the premise occupied by the diplomatic mission, accommodation of members of the diplomatic staff and their family members, the property located at them, and means of transportation shall be inviolable.Therefore, to simplify our graphs, we combined the mice given transplants and not so treated into a single group for each genotype (the light gray bars designating, only in this case, both groups receiving transplants and those that did not).


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