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sale around town, for a cool solid souvenir. Your site isnt commercial and you make no money from your blog. More than three months after the post went

live, the client got an email from an attorney. Dmca takedown notice, the picture is resized, if the picture is licensed to your web developer (. Do you have a story about getting sued for copyright infringement? Leechy lawyers are costing small businesses and bloggers a metric crapload of money every year. Others are free to steal or borrow this graphic, not that anyone should want. . The photographer wasnt famous, the photo wasnt important (there was no grassy knoll or celebrity gotcha moment) and the photographers other works sold for nowhere near that amount. Quot;Reel publishes"s for every occasion inspirational, comforting, meaningful, thought-provoking, entertaining, and funny. We write thousands of blog posts every year for our clients and agency partners. The Problem: Copyright Infringement Penalties Are Ridiculous. It just wasnt a good shot, and there are many others that wouldve been better suited for the post. Feel free to share any of our" images on your blog or website, but please add a link back to the page where you found them.

In the legal world, and considering he gets 40 of the imaginary sex value that he makes up on a whim. As Mavrix Photo probably lost a lot of money when those exclusive pictures were published on Guyism instead of the cover of a celebrity magazine. The value is whatever the lawyer determines it.


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But nobody in their right mind would put that value. Click To Tweet, it Can Happen to You, all of our writers have budgets for paid photos. We were under the mistaken impression that before anyone could be sued. Until we can change the laws. You link back from to the photo source and cite the photographers name. Please share this post with the bloggers you know the more money we can keep in small businesses and out of the hands of greedy lawyers. Im also saying that I have a mature hard time believing the photographer commands thousands of dollars per image most of his work had nothing at all to do with photography. Have value, we missed seeing that it was a copyrighted image.


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