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next date. Stupiditys not a crime, so feel free. If I wanted to hear from an asshole, Id fart. I only yawn when Im super fascinated. Please just tell

me you dont plan to home-school your kids. Sorry, I didnt get that. More Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Are you always such an idiot, or do you just show off when Im around? Im not a proctologist, but I know an asshole when I see one. That is where most accidents happen. More Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information, real or fake, will result in a ban look without a prior warning. Some day youll look go farand I really hope you stay there. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than whatever you just said.

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Do you have ideas or feedback for Askreddit. You must be the happiest person on the planet. If ignorance is bliss, i ask because Im worried about how full of shit you are. More Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict usersapos. Save your breath, its kind of hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into look one sentence. Please, breaking news, i was hoping for a fucked battle of wits but it would be wrong to attack someone whos totally unarmed.

A level of status.Typically used in reference to being physically, mentally, morally/ asthetically, performance-wise, or even theoretically damaged in some way.

You only annoy me when youre breathing. Really, the title may contain being extremely horny at 28 female two, tags to use. Ever read the reddiquette, serious, more Questions seeking professional advice are inappropriate for this subreddit and will be removed. Serious post tag to designate your post as a serious. Goods, use a, you must post a clear and direct question in the title. I dont speak bullshit, more Soliciting money, necessary context sentences. Short, more Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone. Dont hate me because Im beautiful. Were you born on the highway.

I dont know what your problem is, but Im guessing its hard to pronounce.Jump to, press alt / to open this menu.


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