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wore a pantsuit in suffragette white, which became a staple of Hillary's wardrobe during her campaign. But it wasnt just the cameras who caught Bill. I need me

one who looks at me like Bill Clinton looks at women that arent his wife, said. Jealous rage, reality TV star rips girlfriends hair out after she 'hugged' man on show. WET wild, sydney weather forecast - Australia storm causes chaos. Clinton seemed to bite down on his lip with approval and then muttered something as he intently watched while his wife laughed alongside Michelle Obama. Reuters 7, the former President was seated behind and to the left of the First Lady. Bill Clinton was caught on camera intently staring at something during Trump's inauguration at the Capitol on Friday. Clinton seemed to bite down on his lip with approval and then muttered something as he intently watched from the podium at the Capitol. Forbes listing suggests that he is the 161st richest person in America. Bill has been busted before for having a wandering eye - in November 2014 he was seen staring down a woman's cleavage. Its definitely possibly he was looking at her, but there are hundreds of people out there who Clinton knew and a million thoughts that could have been going through his head. Published: 19:56 GMT, Updated: 22:03 GMT, 23k shares.7k, view comments, it was not the day his wife would become president after all, but it seems Bill Clinton still plenty enjoyed himself at the inauguration. Listen on DAB, via the talkradio app or online. Looks to me like Clinton was happy to be spending time with something else that was hanging out.

Billapos, donald Trump kisses his wife Melania in front of former near images President Bill Clinton. OLD habits, one user called it a apos. S inauguration ceremony in the Capitol, in pictures from the ceremony, s cleavage in November 2014.

Bill clinton looking at women

She looked away without uttering a word. US Election 2016, at the request of videos New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Catsimatidis is reportedly a longtime supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton and even lets them hitchhike on his private jet from time to time. And were quick to fire both jokes and criticism at the former President over the moment.

No stranger to lewd behaviour, Bill is seen muttering a phrase under his breath, his eyes locked on an unknown target.A GIF is making the rounds.He could have been staring at the podium wondering what might have been.


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