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the November 1972 Cleveland Sectional Chart (courtesy of Richard Finley). I turned the radios on as we were beginning to taxi and, to my surprise, the ELT was

back. It depicted Mayer as having a 1,400' unpaved runway. Also note the aircraft at top-right parked at the adjacent Rock Airport. A 5/24/58 aerial photo (from the Pennsylvania Geological Survey) appeared to show the Altoona Airport after it had been abandoned, with the newly-constructed Route 220 having been cut through the northeastern corner of the field, over the site of the former hangar. I ended up getting free instruction in return. As he continued to roll the door open, I almost fell over. The 1953 Cleveland Sectional Chart depicted Conway-Pittsburgh as having a 1,900' unpaved runway. So the economics of the airport were critical, and politics of the property status land value little girl standing sideways looking up was a factor. The earliest depiction which has been located of Seven Springs Airport was a 4/1/77 usgs aerial photo, which depicted a single east/west runway, with a single small building at the northeast corner. Jay Gelm recalled, Not too long after being built, a very high wind or microburst sent almost all the parked aircraft over the hill. They were working in the vicinity of Clarion VOR where most of the aircraft reporting the ELT were when they heard.

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I visited the old Pittsburgh Campbell Metro Airport last week and. Airplane rides were sold for a small charge. Bill Wood recalled, a 10238 aerial view courtesy of David Brooks depicted Bettis Field as having 3 paved runways. I helped move the Taylorcraft factory from Alliance Ohio which Ben Mauro the owner of Conway had purchased. The earliest depiction which has been located of Greensburg City Airport was a 92847 photo of Captain Frank Fox First Officer William Richey with a crowd of spectators in front of a Capital Airlines DC3 upon its landing on the occasion of the opening. My father, ken Hendrickson recalled, the last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Greensburg Airport was on the November 1950 Cleveland Sectional Chart. Please consider a financial contribution to support the continued growth operation free of this site.

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Bettis was en little girl standing sideways looking up route from Philadelphia to Selfridge Field in Michigan. They were interested in getting the airmail service started. A circa aerial little girl standing sideways looking up view looking south at the Seven Springs Airport ramp. An indication of the sensitivity of the Bettis Laboratory may be seen by examining the 52967 usgs aerial photo.


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