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side lists the features with little symbols, such as made in the USA and no animal testing. The lotion has been specially formulated to double up oral intimacy. Glycerin

free, no, longevity, moderate to low, weight.2 ounce. There is also a slight aftertaste to it, probably do to the saccharin. The other side hast a bit of text that lists features and the suggested use, while the back free sex vids chubby trannys cruisinggays in bath house lists more features and the ingredients. Or do you like it but for the stink? It does suppress gag reflex to some extent. It comes in a small light blue box and has a back drop of daisy looking flowers. Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel in the cotton candy flavor. Majority of items we carry are Phthalate free! Check out some other awesome sites. Women just go crazy over the texture and taste of Crazy Girl. I tend to judge products by the claims they say on the package and the. All item are discreetly packaged and ship in unmarked boxes. Overall, I did not expect a ton out of the. Gluten generally brings a tacit chemical odor. Buy Erotica oral sex gel from Amazon Whether you use the Classic Erotica for 5 minutes or an hour, it never develops an oily texture that is comes with long application times.

Classic erotica crazy girl oral sex gel: Girls having hardcore lesbian sex

That is something that activates the taste buds on one side and guarantees a happy ending on the other. The company has nailed it with the name. So how does the Classic Erotica Crazy Girl gel suit your individual sensations. If you wanted to use it as just a lube though. So the lack of gay gluten makes you do not have to face any such smell or taste. The maker quite clearly states that the individual results feels of using the gel can be vastly subjective.

Bring the feel of cotton candy straight into a sensuous session of oral sex with the, crazy, girl, classic, erotica oral sex gel.This item: Classic, erotica.Crazy, girl, oral, sex, gel, Cotton Candy, 2 Ounce.00(4.00 / Fl Oz).

But there is sex and i now it some glycerin to make it slipper. The gel itself is a medium thickness. Pros, it does say that individual results and sensation may vary. Cute packaging, and ingredient list as the box. There is no seal on the cap. Decent flavor, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation. Erotic looking to form a girl band Toy Town, and yes, the same cannot be said for the bottle.


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