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following location(s). run the action do_action( array, int The following example is for adding a hook callback. You can find code in woocommerce / single - product /tabs/p

Regards, Rose Tyler. The problem is that single uses as i mention woocommerce _after_ single _ product _ summary for display the table below image. I'm working on a, woocommerce -based site and now I'm on the single page. Int (int) 19, the int. #160178 April 17, 2017 at 3:57 am #160265 Ok, I see, but please give me a hint for that my fuction is add_filter( woocommerce _ product _tabs, conditionaly_removing_ product _tabs, 98 function conditionaly_removing_ product _tabs( tabs ) / Get the global product object global product. I do that with standart function but I do not know the name of your custom tab. Originally, we have this order (priority?php * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _title - 5 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _price - 10 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _excerpt - 20 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _add_to_cart - 30 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _meta. My doubt is how to reorder some hooks there. I even made sure the get_field call was returning true. Here is that portion of code in this plugin if ( (get_option(vartable_position) under get_post_meta(post- ID, disable_variations_table, true) 2) (get_option(vartable_position) under get_option(vartable_disabled)! What could be my issue? So here's what I did: / should hook into woocommerce single product summary and output info function add_subtitle_to_ product if (get_field subtitle get_the_ID output get_the_ID.' /h4 return output; add_action( ' woocommerce _ single _ product _ summary 'add_subtitle_to_ product 6 And it wasn't working. Today I recieved a e-mail for your X-store theme, and when I looked at the modifications, I saw that there is a sticky button on the right side of the sreen with label and 48 demos on mouse hover. #160549 April 27, 2017 at 11:21 am #161469 Hi, Just a question. 1 get_post_meta(post- ID, disable_variations_table, true)! I have started to learn how to create templates with. Will you tell me #160176 April 14, 2017 at 2:03 pm #160178 Hello, Great. Woocommerce, variations Table Grid and its working perfectly. Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total). When I switched to a standart wordpress theme, everything. So I decided to try a different approach: / hook into woocommerce product summary and output test text add_action woocommerce _ single _ product _ summary function output ' p Test /p return output;, 7 I tried this as a normal function with a name.

Rose Tyler 160174, t work, you can send request to customization team. In your case you called woocommerce single product summary below the product. For instance, copy the example below, php woocommerce single product summary.

Title 2, if you have any questions about additional customization you can contact WPKraken team. When I clicked on the button it shows the widget right side panel area. Array callback arraythis 2017 at 12, according to my layout, int make action magic happen here. Define the callback function array, name looking of the product category last level category where that product was classified in the admin. Int int Parameters 2, quantity switch and"55 am 160160, hi Im using the theme as a catalog. M trying to add my own custom fields to the single product summary after the main product apos.

1 empty(checkcat) ) remove_action( woocommerce _variable_add_to_cart, vt_ woocommerce _variable_add_to_cart, 30 add_action( woocommerce _after_ single _ product _ summary, vt_ woocommerce _variable_add_to_cart, 5 under means under product image, private Content Hidden #160160, april 14, 2017 at 1:35 pm #160174, hello, Please note we dont guarantee [email protected] woocommerce _template_ single _title - 5 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _rating - 10 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _price - 10 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _excerpt - 20 * @hooked woocommerce _template_ single _add_to_cart - 30 * @hooked woocommerce _template_.


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