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cover for each option chosen will vary. Comprehensive Coverage: Up to a maximum of the monthly income x 24, or a maximum.5 lakh Daily Hospital Allowance:.1,000 for every 24

hours of being hospitalised Reimbursement of medical expenses: 40 of valid bills.5 lakh, whichever is least Universal Sompo. Do I have to undergo a medical test or examination to prove my insurability to the insurer? The employer, for a reduced premium, can choose an only on-duty or alternatively, only off-duty cover. Hdfc ergos Personal Accident Cover ensures financial stability for you and your family in the event of an accident. Added to the hospitalization and medical expenses caused by accidents, ones family might also be left in the lurch due to the absence of adequate funds. The minimum and maximum age of entry for this policy are 5 years and 70 years, respectively. You can cancel your personal accident policy at any point during the policy term. 55,000 deduction under section 80D. No, medical tests are not a prerequisite to purchase a personal accident policy). Certain things like, accidents caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or while participating in extreme sports, etc. The policy can be extended to the proposers spouse and dependent children, and offers protection to members even when they travel abroad. This is a yearly policy, and can be renewed every year. Individuals between 65 and 75 years can purchase new policies with a 20 premium loading. Death/Loss of 2 limbs/Loss of both eyes/Loss of one limb and one eye: 100 of the sum insured. However, these policies also cover Indian citizens even when they are travelling abroad.

5 25 years IndividualFamily Floater Basis Accidental death. You will have to file a complaint with the police if it was a road accident or caused due to a criminal act 100 of sum insured Reliance General Insurance Reliance Personal Accident Plan Adults. Two eyes or one eye and one limb. The plan can be purchased on an individual basis or on a family floater basis. Permanent Partial Disability, incurs medical expenses as a result of the accident.

Unfortunate incidents happen without any intimation.While you are happily enjoying every bit of your life, something suddenly happens and shatters everything in a fraction of second.A personal guard insurance plan is the personal accident policy which covers up to the highest compensation of 125 of the total insured under the policy benefits.

Online personal accident policy

5 lakh, u74900HR2014PTC053454 Policybazaar Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited. Product information is authentic and solely based look on the information received from the Insurer copy. And an ambulance benefit if the policyholder how were to meet with an accident.

Apart from the accident-related risks that are covered, the policy also offers benefits, such as an education fund for children of the insured, reimbursement of any medical expenses (provided an additional premium is paid and reimbursement of expenses incurred for the transportation of the mortal.Adults (under 70 years Sum insured up.5 crore Adults (over 70 years Sum insured up.5 lakh Children: Sum insured up to a maximum.10 lakh.


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