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like youre running to catch. It can also mean making time for more pleasure in your life, and I dont just mean sex. . Here are a few

reasons your period may be late, even if your pregnancy test is negative. The fastest and easiest way to find out if pregnancy is the cause of your missed period is to take an at-home pregnancy test. Everyday Health PMS Center. If your period comes while youre on vacation, will you still be able to snorkel among the coral? A: Missing one's period can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which are temporary and some of which are more lasting. Your period should return within about six to eight weeks after weaning your child.

Before the age, and alcohol at night we think itll help us unwind. Sometimes, or be lighter free or heavier, some women may have very light periods. Sometimes a late period means exactly what you think.

Pregnancy, cysts, tumors, hormone deficiencies, and factors other than stress can cause more than one missed period.) How Stress May Affect Menstruation Not much is known about the relationship between stress and periods.Rigorous exercising, such as training for a marathon or triathlon, can also cause physical stress, which may lead to a hormonal imbalance that screws with your period.Significant stresssuch as a divorce or death of a loved onecan disrupt your hormonal balance, creating delayed, irregular, and heavy periods, Ross says.

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Your hormone levels may not be high enough at the time of your missed period. This makes sense a pregnancy on top of a stressful period in a persons life is not ideal. Poor sleep or a mixed up sleep schedule staying up past midnight and waking sex up late all makes for a stressedout situation.

Usually, gaining weight if you're underweight or losing if you're overweight should help your periods to return to normal.Your cycle can fluctuate if you drink too much caffeine or dont eat enough food.


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